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Spring League Sponsored by Rockbar NYC Spring 2019

at Pier 40 Courtyard
starts on April 4, 2019
3 games | 2 x 22 mins

7v7 (6 and a keeper), 12 players total
Game times 8:30p or 9:15p (you'll play one)
2 x 22 min halves w/1 min halftime
Location: Pier 40 Roof

For the first three games of the season, all teams (12 teams total) will participate in round robin play. At the conclusion of the three games, teams will be sorted according to their records into a Premier League division and a Champions League division (any ties will be decided by goal differential).
The six teams with the best record will enter the Premier League, while the remaining six teams will enter the Champions League. Within each league, all teams will play each other for a total of five games.
At the conclusion of those five games, the top four teams from each league will make the playoffs, which will consist of semifinals and a final. The winning team from each league will then compete against each other for the season title.

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2017 Summer League Winners GOLD STAR GAYS

2017 Spring League Winners HURRIQUEEN

2016 Fall League Winners THE BRADY BUNCH

2016 Summer League Winners #SQUADGOLDS

2016 Spring League Winners BETTIE WHITES

2015 Fall League Winners REAL REAL FC

2015 Summer League Winners CHUBBY BUNNIES

2015 Spring League Winners WHORANGES FC